In accordance with building rules, tenants must purchase home insurance and provide proof when signing the lease or before receiving the keys.
We know from experience that home insurance can protect tenants in case of an accident (temporary lodging, etc.).
Call 911 and follow the instructions of the authorities.
Then call us at 514 206-7350 (emergency number only).
Short-term rental is strictly forbidden in apartments under our management.
Tenants failing to abide by these rules will be evicted from their apartment and will be liable to a fine.
  • Alert management immediately, either by phone at 514 529-0454, option 4, or via email.
  • Try to determine the source of the leak.
  • Shut off the valve.
  • Take 1 or 2 pictures/videos.


    It is expressly forbidden to store or pile up personal belongings or garbage that can:

    • Affect the look of the building
    • Violate the City of Montreal’s fire and public health regulation
    • Garbage must be stored in the tenant’s apartment, in a closed container.
    • Household refuse, recyclables, bulky waste, etc. must be put curbside in accordance with the City of Montreal’s garbage collection schedule. Please check the collection schedules available on the City’s website : ici

    The tenant is responsible for shovelling snow off the balconies when necessary to avoid water leakage from the melting snow.

    It is strictly forbidden to smoke cannabis on the exterior balconies/patios or anywhere on the property.

    Yes, under certain conditions:

    • The installation must not damage any structure (windows, window frames, etc.)
    • In case of damage tenants are responsible for any repair cost
    • The air conditioner must be adequately installed to prevent water leaking inside the apartment.

    Go talk with the neighbour to try and work out a solution.
    Try again if necessary.
    After 3 unsuccessful attempts, send a letter or email to management summarizing the situation:

    • Dates and nature of the problem
    • Dates of the conciliation attempts

    If these elements are not properly documented, we may not be able to officially intervene.

    If a tenant wants to vacate a unit before the termination of the lease, he or she must assign the lease to another tenant.
    For this, tenants must first inform management of their intention to assign the lease.
    Also, tenants are responsible for advertising the apartment and organize visits to find another potential tenant to sublet the apartment.
    Tenants must provide the landlord or his representative with the following documents, duly filled out:

    As long as the potential tenant has not been approved by the landlord or his representative, the current tenant is still responsible for the lease and his or her obligations until the end of said lease.

    In accordance with building rules, it is prohibited to smoke cannabis inside the apartments, or anywhere on the property, including balconies, patios, as well as the front and backyards