List of services provided


  • Returning keys/surveying of premises after the tenant’s departure
  • Planning cleaning and repairs
  • Taking photos
  • Advertisement for the vacant unit
  • Visits of the vacant unit
  • Selection of tenants including credit and reference checks
  • Signing of the lease and collection of the first month’s rent


  • Collecting rent
  • Collection of amounts due
  • Revenue recognition
  • Issuance of a monthly balance sheet/rent receivable
  • Handling of deposits to the landlord’s account

Tenants and leases Management

  • Dispute management
  • Negotiation with tenants (repairs, rent increases, departures, etc.)
  • Notices of renewal and rent increase for leases
  • 24/7, year-round phone support
  • RL-31 slip

General Property Management

  • Delivery of management statements
  • Tax and insurance management
  • Annual report for tax purposes
  • Management of communications and follow-up correspondences
  • Landlord support (finding effective, low-cost solutions)
  • Client representation
  • Real and personal property inventory

Maintenance Management

  • Bid evaluation
  • Maintenance of common areas
  • Exterior cleaning and landscape maintenance
  • Routine inspections and maintenance plan